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Trigger Point

This type of massage involves releasing tension associated with chronic or acute muscular pain caused by knots within the muscles. These knots are not only painful at the site, they can refer pain to different muscles as well. Trigger point therapy alleviates headaches, neck and shoulder tension, back discomfort, and sciatic pain.


Swedish massage is a traditional massage that treats the whole body with a variety of massage strokes to bring a client into a state of blissful relaxtion. This type of massage is ideal for stress relief. It can also improve blood circulation and increase flexibility.

Pre and Post Natal

Pregnancy massage is a great way to give a mother-to-be a chance to relax while relieving muscular and joint discomfort associated with her changing body. According to the Touch Research Institute of Miami, pregnancy massage alleviates anxiety and depression. It also allows for deeper breathing and more restful sleep while strengthening muscles in preparation for labor.


  • 30 minutes - $40
  • 60 minutes - $70
  • 90 minutes - $105
  • 120 minutes - $140

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How Can Massage Help You

Increased Flexibility

With regular massages you can increase your flexibility and your range of motion while reducing your muscular tension. Don't wait until you are in excruciating pain. Keep your muscles equally strengthened and lengthened with regular stretching and therapeutic massage.

Manage and Eliminate Pain

I worked with a runner who was having pain in his left hip that went all the way down to his foot. He always made sure to stretch before and after his runs. However, he found that stretching wasn't getting to the root of his tension. With trigger point therapy I was able to relax the piriformis muscle and give him some relief after the first visit. After his third visit he was pain free and able to enjoy his regular runs again.

Have a Relaxed Work Life

Many people work at a desk and look down at their phones constantly throughout the day which can cause neck and shoulder tension. This can contribute to tension headaches in the temples, back of the head, and behind the eyes. Several of my clients have experienced these symptoms and have found relief after the first massage session.

Develop a Healthy Routine

I have clients who benefit from massage treatment every two weeks, once per month, and every other month. Take care and make therapeutic massage a part of your healthy routine so that you can feel the positive changes for yourself.

Why Do I Do This?

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I became a massage therapist to bring peace and comfort into your life and to give you an outlet for relaxtion and healing. My goal for each massage is to give your body relief from pain, tension, and stress.

In 2010 I graduated from Southeastern Institute's massage therapy program in Charlotte, NC. I moved back home to Charleston, WV where I received my license to practice in January of 2011. At first, I worked independently and in June 2012 I began working with a chiropractor in Charleston. I practiced trigger point therapy there for over four years. In July of 2016 I gained my pregnancy massage certification from Claire Marie Miller Seminars, one of the nations's leaders in preganancy massage education.

Now at Body Therapy Associates, located in The Bridge Road Shops in South Hills, I will design your massage sessions to benefit your individual needs. Relieve sore muscles, reduce stress, and relax yourself with a healing massage by Leigh Lynch, LMT.

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